Hot Flashes, Fatigue, Meno Middle, Oh My!

Feeling less than Pause Perfect? No worries, we've got you!

In this FREE "perimenopause to post" guide, you'll discover:

* What and when to eat to keep yourself as cool as a cucumber

* How to manage meno middle without giving up foods you love

* How to focus like a laser when you feel as if you can only hold one thought at a time

* How to get more and better sleep. Enough said!

* How to keep it fresh with your partner even if you feel drier than the Mojave #realtalk!

Plus you'll hear stories of women just like you who navigated their Meno naturally and simply because they applied the right strategies just when they needed them most.

We deserve to have our second half be even better than the first, so download your FREE guide today and start enjoying the journey, one perfect power surge at a time! #menolikeaboss!

XO Julie, Dr. Lareesa, & Barbara



Dr. LaReesa Ferdinand, MD  Bossa Bars

Dr. LaReesa Ferdind, MD OB/GYN

Women's Hormone Expert

Dr. LaReesa Ferdinand is a women’s hormone expert, integrative health coach, and consultant with nearly two decades of experience in women’s health as a board-certified OB/GYN physician. She is dedicated to helping women navigate the world of hormone imbalance and find their way back to energy and vitality with comprehensive and easy-to-understand solutions.

Barbara Sobel, MS Bossa Bars

Barbara Sobel, MS, CND, LDN

Clinical Nutritionist

Barbara Sobel is a clinical nutritionist specializing in the functional medicine approach for inflammatory conditions, autoimmune issues, hormone balance, gut health, and aging gracefully. She uses real food to help relieve symptoms, regain energy, restore mental clarity, and rebalance hormones, leading her clients to feel better, think clearly, and have more energy.

Julie Gordon White, CEO Bossa Bars

Julie Gordon White, Entrepreneur

Founder & CEO, MenoWell

In 2020, Julie, an award-winning entrepreneur known for teaching thousands of women how to scale and sell businesses, felt the call to start MenoWell after watching women suffer through menopause in silence (and shame). MenoWell Bars are delicious all-natural nutrient-dense energy bars with all the goodness a menopausal body needs, along with a community for support and inspiration.